Open Library Solutions

Open Library Solutions was founded in 2012 with a focus on the Nordic library market. Although the company is new, we have been active on the market since 2007. In previous years, our products were marketed by Teknikhuset.


In late 2011, Teknikhuset's board decided to spin off the CS Library and OLA (Open Library Access) products into their own company. The company was given the name Open Library Solutions and staff working with the products transferred to the new organisation.

From AudioIndex, the new company purchased the rights to AudioIndex Library, which we renamed Audio Library to have all our library products under the same roof.
While working to organise the products and staff and transferring all rights, our Norwegian partner Bibits AS expressed their interest in Open Library Solutions as a company and not just as the Norwegian distributor of CS Library. After a period of negotiations, Bibits AS acquired 50% of Open Library Solutions AB and its subsidiary Open Library Solutions Finland OY.

From 1 May 2012 Open Library Solutions is owned by Teknikhuset Holding AB (50%) and Bibits AS (50%).


The Board of Directors for Open Library Solutions AB

Kjetil Hillestad - Chairman

Dan Nilsson - Board Member

Jon Östbo - Board Member

Oscar Stenberg - Board Member

Börge Hofset - Deputy Board Member

Lars Eriksson - Deputy Board Member