Legimus 1.0

MTM launches its new website!
13 May 2013

Legimus is the brand new integrated library catalogue for MTM (formerly TPB). This is a site where people with reading disabilities can search for and download books. Legimus is based on the CS Library platform and is customized to fit MTMs needs.

“We at MTM are very happy to be able to move our media website Legimus out of beta status, after focused work over the early year to complete the new functionality. A major cause for success has been the close cooperation between OLS and MTM, without which we wouldn’t have been where we are today. The project draws to a close, but that doesn’t mean that our work is at an end. We will keep working on Legimus to increase accessibility but also to introduce new features. We’re really looking forward to it!”

Maria Hamrim, Project Manager, MTM