Audio Library

Inspire, inform and include!

A library for everyone

A library is a place for everyone and, thanks to Audio Library, libraries are now accessible in entirely new ways. Audio Library gives patrons the freedom to access information as they choose and at their own pace.


Audio Library gives visitors new opportunities to make use of the library's services, facilities and range of media. The system uses RFID tags placed inside books and audio icons, on signs and other objects. These tags provide end-users with audio information transmitted through headphones when activated by a reader held a few centimetres away.


Libraries contain more information and activities than most people can imagine. The role of libraries as repositories for local culture is becoming increasingly important and more pronounced, as is demand for their accessibility and diversity.


To enhance the user experience, audio can be recorded and database information can be efficiently read aloud using speech synthesis.

  1. Studio

    Audio Library Studio lets you easily record your own audio, enter text for speech synthesis, connect audio information to RFID tags and more. Audio Library Server provides access to automatically updated bibliographic information for recitation using speech synthesis.
  2. User Device

    The Audio Library user device an integrated RFID reader and audio player with speakers and headphones. When held against tagged items, recorded audio is played for the user.
  3. Audio icons

    Audio Library's audio icons are placed at strategic locations through the site. Their shape, colour and placement make them easy to find and they provide instructions or other information. No wiring or other physical installations are required.