The Complete Library Web

CS Library brings libraries into the future by highlighting and developing the libraries basic missions: to serve as an intermediary for culture and to provide information. CS Library makes the virtual library a inspiring, dynamic and fun place.

Why CS Library?

With CS Library, libraries and their visitors gain a complete web-based library, with everything collected in a single place. With integrated library catalogues, modern design, simple navigation and powerful search tools, visitors are given a completely new library experience.

Based on the users' needs.

CS Library further develops and presents the library's services based on the users' perspective. By working based on the patrons' needs, we have created the perfect tool to meet the demands being placed on modern libraries.

It's not just about an online library

CS Library is so much more!

  • A cultural portal
  • A meeting place
  • A source of inspiration
  • A download service
  • A local branch

Choice - Cooperation - Openness

CS Library has been developed based on these guiding concepts. They are intrinsic to both the products and how we work as a company.


With CS Library, the library is able to freely choose between catalogue systems, databases and media suppliers. This means that features can be activated as desired, content can be organised to best suit your needs and the design can be adapted to reflect your profile. With CS Library, the library has the freedom to make its own choices. All services are collected into CS Library and are accessible around the clock, 365 days a year.


CS Library is built for integration with different library systems. This means that municipal cooperation can be developed and different library systems can be linked to work side-by-side. Regardless of which combination of systems the library has, CS Library is the natural choice for a joint website.


CS Library supports the desire libraries have to use open source code and to offer open APIs. This makes it possible to display information from CS Library on other platforms and in other interfaces. Everyone can contribute using CS Library. The editor can easily add new texts that contribute to the joint website. Borrowers can comment, rate and tag both books and articles. CS Library is open for all suppliers and services that want to integrate with it.



CS Library unites information with inspiration. With features adapted based on the library's needs, visitors can discover both the known and unknown.


All information is collected in an easy-to-navigate structure. Lending rules, libraries, staff, projects, services, decorations, availability, children, youth and different services. Everything is displayed simply and clearly for visitors.

Opening hours/contact information

Let the web answer the easy questions. CS Library shows which libraries are open today. The street address with map and staff pages with contact form make it easy for visitors to find the library and who to contact.

Reading suggestions

Make suggestions for books and inspire readers. Highlight titles in an inspiring way. Suggestions can be displayed anywhere you like and in the way you want. They can be shown based on subject, genre, target group, location, time or content. Your imagination is your only limitation. The suggestions are naturally linked to the catalogue.


Themes, author portraits or book lists. Easily create different articles where visitors can take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of staff. Link books and suggestions to articles that inspire additional reading. No subject is too large or too small. Let your imagination run wild!


News items are an excellent way to draw the attention of visitors to something new that is happening at the library. New website, changes in opening hours or new exhibitions. Whatever it is, no news is too big or too trivial.


Show what is happening at the library. List based on subject or target group. Each event can be erased automatically when the event is concluded – easy and convenient.


Highlight the expertise of your staff through their own staff pages. This lists contact information and descriptions of library staff. It can also show the articles and suggestions written by staff.



Whether patrons are looking for a book or searching for an article, they will receive their answers from the standard search tool. CS Library offers a unique search experience with a creative list of hits and an informative display of each title. The grouped listing (FRBR) make it easy for visitors to find the right media type.

Amazing Search Feature

Search is a central feature of CS Library. That's why we've added smart and user-friendly features to our search tool. In CS Library, a search window provides answers to all questions, whether found in the catalogue or on the website. With modern technology such as relevancy, did-you-mean and searching for inflections variations, we make it easier for patrons to find what they are looking for.

Grouped listings (FRBR)

Our grouped listing of search results is a unique feature. Instead of 10+ lines with the same title in different editions and media types, a title is displayed only on one line. This makes it easier for visitors to find titles and offers a clearer list of results. The grouping is also provided with the full listing of an item to simplify selection of media type.

Full Listing of an Item

The Full Listing cleanly and clearly displays the title's information and all copies. The listing includes the item's grouping to make finding the right media easier for patrons. CS Library also adds value by retrieving such things as cover images, descriptions, and tables of content so patrons receive as complete information as possible.

Expanded Catalogue Searches

With many different search areas that can be combined, visitors can customise their searches to find exactly what they are looking for. Many of the fields offer suggestions for key words as the patron starts typing.


By narrowing searches after the fact, it is easy to find the gold nuggets. With eight different facets that can be combined, the patron can have full control of the search results.


The Editors

CS Library focuses on the editor. With a simple form-based interface, the editors can focus on the content instead of the technology and design. With the user controls settings, it is easy to create a dynamic and living website.


Few publishing tools are as easy to use as CS Library. There are three easy steps to creating a new page: Choose New, fill in the form and publish.


Change and structure the website's menu system by simply dragging and dropping menu items. Drag in user controls and move these to any position. Change settings and list any content.


By tagging articles, suggestions, events and news, it becomes easy to create subject pages or link relevant events to an article. Choose tags that reflect what the subject is and who it is aimed at, then CS Library does the rest.

Dynamic Content

Easily create a dynamic website using user controls that display the content based on the tags that have been chosen. New content is displayed as soon as an editor has created a page that matches the selected tags. Everything occurs automatically, which makes the website easy to maintain.


The Visitors

Visitors can do so much more with CS Library. CS Library is an interactive library web where the visitors can contribute, share, save, comment on and tell what they think, a digital meeting place where everyone is welcome.

Logging In

Using a personal log on, borrowers can see their loans, reserve books and perform other tasks that are currently available. They can also create lists, continue to listen to e-books, or add their own comments to works on the website.


Using CS Library, visitors can share their discoveries with others through social media. With our Facebook integration, reading suggestions are easily published in timelines. The library web becomes a part of the social web. 


CS Library offers borrowers the option of contributing to making the library even better. By rating books, tagging items with key words, commenting and sharing, the catalogue is filled with information that adds to the experience.


In CS Library borrowers can create their own personal lists.

Multilingual Capacity

CS Library 3.7i lets libraries create multilingual websites. Visitors can easily select the language to be displayed.

Faster Searches

We have worked hard to speed up the entire site, but especially catalogue searches.

Downloading E-media

Patrons who are logged in to the website can download e-books directly without having to leave the page. They can also see which e-books have been borrowed.