OLA - Open Library Access

OLA is the engine that connects all the different parts of CS Library. Using OLA, a library can create an ultra-modern website using information from many different sources, regardless of its catalogue system. OLA makes possible lightning-fast catalogue searches and the integration of external services, while simultaneously generating added value for visitors. OLA works independently of CS Library and can be used in other systems that require catalogue integration.


A modern and modular architecture makes OLA flexible and expandable.

Integration with Library Systems

OLA is designed for integration with different library systems. This means that different systems can be linked together to work in parallel. Currently, OLA supports Mikromarc, Libra, BookIT, ORIGO, Pallas Pro and Abilita/Gemeni. The list of systems supported by OLA is expanded based on the needs and wishes of libraries.

Added Value

OLA manages not only catalogue data, but also ratings, keywords and comments. All of these can then be displayed integrated on the website.

External Services

OLA not only manages library catalogues, it also connects different external services to enhance user experience.

Open APIs

OLA was designed with openness in mind and, using APIs, information from OLA is used to provide exciting new features.