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Open Library Solutions

Open Library Solutions was founded back in 2012 with the mission to deliver a modern and easy to use web portal to libraries across scandinavia.

We are located in Umeå, Sweden where a team of creative developers develop Saga and it´s backend Open Library Access (OLA).


Saga is our flagship product that is used by hundreds of libraries across Sweden, Norway and Finland. It delivers a modern web portal with a focus on ease of use and speed.

It is built with the latest technologies and standards being WCAG2 AA compliant while delivering a great user experience.

Thanks to the integration engine Open Library Access, Saga works with several library systems such as Mikromarc, Book-IT and Gemini and also a range of providers of electronic media and covers.

You focus on your content and we take care of everything else

We built Saga as an easy solution for the library to focus on their content without needing an in-depth knowledge of the web or the platform.

No matter if you want to write reviews, articles or information about events in the library, anyone should be able to manage a Saga website.

Overview of the saga administration interface

Saga comes packed with lots of great features

To create a great website you need great features. Therefore Saga comes with a ton of built-in features that has been tailored for the libraries needs.

Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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